We’ve asked the founding members of W/ why they’re working to build this new organization. We’ll publish the responses over the next few months.

As co-pastor for Highlands Church in Denver, CO, Rachael leads the Sunday worship gatherings and all the planning and staff related to Sundays. Rachael co-leads Highlands’ strategic planning and development, including their transition to becoming an anti-racist church. Rachael’s theological voice comes through her liturgy, music selection and preaching. As Chairperson for the Board of W/, Rachael provides structure and platform for the individuals and communities of W/ to be projected further into the world. Rachael can be reached at rachael.mcclair@new.withcollective.org.

I’m W/ because I believe in the values of inclusion, anti-racism and humility which Christian communities all around the country espouse. In W/, I find inspiration from other leaders doing amazing things in the world, and a place to flesh out ideas and sharpen what we’re already doing in Denver. There’s no handbook for this progressive, (post)evangelical spiritual place we find ourselves in – and so we must create as we go. The richness that comes from the collaboration of artists and writers from all over the country makes us all better pastors and leaders, and I’m so grateful to be part of the team that is creating the spaces for relationships to emerge.