Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers is a nationally known speaker and author on sexual shame. She has become a prominent voice in the progressive Christian movement as it bravely examines the harm the empire church has inflicted on families by not understanding the sacred gift of sexuality and sexual desire. In her acclaimed 2017 book, Sex, God and the Conservative Church – Erasing Shame from Sexual Intimacy, Dr. Sellers reveals how the western conservative church in collusion with consumer driven culture and politics has infiltrated our core ability to attach to our partners, and instruct our children to attach to theirs.  Her relentless passion for couples and families to know sexual and spiritual abundance, health and healing have won her several awards and requests for radio, TV, and podcast interviews. Learn more at www.tinaschermersellers.com and www.ThankGodforSex.org.

Why Tina is W/:

W/ is a misfit gathering of bridge builders and courage lovers, who believe in the messy struggle of learning, listening, and becoming justice, and to support each other’s unique calling in the world. We value hard questions, deep faith and deep doubt. We value story and we value lives. We understand that we need each other, that the Divine sits among us, and that life without each other is less sacred and less inspired.