W/ is a collective of faith and community leaders who are exploring and leading in theologically progressive spaces. Many come from an evangelical heritage. Most have, or are in the process of, deconstructing and reconstructing their Christian faith. W/ is a place for relationship building, collaboration and critical thinking. W/ values relationship and belonging above same beliefs  in fact, we think a hallmark of progressive theology is spaciousness to come to different conclusions and hold relationship as paramount.

W/ primarily offers opportunities to connect and collaborate through events hosted throughout the year. W/ events create space for you to meet others, refresh your soul through time away and spiritual practices, and opportunity to have your ideas strengthened and challenged through dialogue and teaching from a diverse body of thinkers, teachers, artists and leaders.

W/ believes the fullest expression of God is seen in the diversity of God’s creation. The church’s history of exclusion is a sin we must acknowledge so that we may choose otherwise and redeem the role of Church in our society. W/ is committed to embodying the value of diversity in all areas of leadership and engagement.


Here, you will find connection W/ fellow faith travelers fascinated with Jesus.

W/ is a non-profit organization which exists to foster relationships among faith leaders committed to furthering a more just and generous expression of Christianity in the world. Often, faith and values statements begin with the best of intentions to clearly name ‘who we are’ but usually leave us wondering how, when, and where some people won’t belong. At W/, Partners and Participants align with a common vision and values, rather than a specific set of beliefs or doctrine.

Belonging is core to us.

We are faith leaders and faith journeyers, most of whom have an Evangelical heritage. We are captivated by Jesus and how he called us to live W/ one another in Love.

Love, in all its abundance and creativity, is our goal.

When we disagree, we assume the best of one another. We take literally the parts of the Bible we haven’t taken literally enough, like doing justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly in our relationships. We need inclusivity to thrive, and we listen W/ curiosity in complexity.

Living ‘Good News’ is why we exist.

Creating a just and generous world through fresh content, conferences, and comradery, we are a movement on The Way, infusing humanity W/ what’s most human–love. This is Good News for all.


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